Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Farewell.  Adios.  Arrivederci.  Chow.  Aloha.

No matter how you say it, goodbyes can be difficult. And my seniors in the Class of 2013 are realizing that  as they deliver their farewell speeches.  No matter how adult and grown up they think they are, these teenagers are facing an exciting, frightening, uncertain time and it can be tough leaving the most stable place they've known.

As they reminisce about their younger years and pay tribute to their friends and teachers, it is always fascinating to me to see that no matter how many times I've heard these type of speeches through the years there are always those that surprise me.  Some are very sincere in ways I would never have guessed they could be.  Some disclose personal histories that are insightful and bittersweet.  Still others stay true to their classroom persona and deliver the most random, ridiculous, often disrespectful stories just to get the last laugh.  But whatever their approach, it is a time of reflection and closure that is useful to these soon-to-be-alumni.

I wish them all luck as they prepare to leave these familiar faces and spaces in search of the adult life.  There are soldiers, scholars, mothers, dreamers, and doers in this group and I hope they all find their personal happiness.

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