Wednesday, October 27, 2010

To Change or Not To Change...

The cowry economy is in full swing, including payments for hall passes and earnings for blog comments.  I'm anxious to see where this goes and if it is something I will attempt next year.  We're collecting ideas for how to "spend" cowries when we're finished so keep 'em coming. 

As for plot, the missionaries have come to Umofia and caused quite a stir.  Okonkwo just wants to take a machete to them, but is advised not too.  The poor guy is just itching to kill someone and his eldest son might want to watch his back since his conversion to Christianity.

We've had some great discussions about Okonkwo's situation and more insights should be evident in the essays that are due on November 3 (click the link below to get the assignment sheet; you're welcome).

Essay Assignment Sheet

Consider this:
  • Why do you think Nwoye converted?
  • What do you think about the spiritual beliefs of the Ibo tribe set against the ideas set forth about God by the missionaries?
  • Do the women play a subordinate or supporting role to the men in this culture?
  • How do you predict Okonkwo will handle all of these changes and new ideas?


  1. I believe Nwoye converted to christianity for many reasons. One reason is because he finds it magical and mysterious. to only have one god, one person who controls everything, its exciting. also another reason is because his father didn't approve. kids tend to do things their parents forbid them to do just to prove that they can't be controlled.

  2. I think the reason behind Nwoye's conversion to Christianity had a lot to do with his father. Nwoye had never really agreed with what his father and thier society demands of him, and before the only reson he went along with anything his father wanted was becuase he was following Ikemefuna's example. When he found out what Onkonkwo had done to Ikemefuna it tore him apart becuase he knew it wasn't right morally. he wanted someone to tell him that it's not okay to kill someone you call a son without a second thought, and that it wasn't necessary to dispose of new borns just becasue they were twins. He was searching for some form of justice or mercy in the world and Christianity confirmed that for him.

  3. Nwoye had to make a difficult decision in his life. To either follow what he had been raised upon, or get involed in the new religion and way of life. One major factor that contributed to his change of life was his father. Because Nyowe would get beaten or yelled for things that he felt he didnt deserve, made his relationship with his father very spaced. Also, the clan threw away people because of an accident or because they had been born different. Therefore, Nwoye wanted to be able to accept others, and not get in trouble for it. Thats why he made the switch in my opinion.

  4. I defanitely think that Nwoye would not have converted to Christianity if it had not been for his father. Okonkwo was so controling to him and they were so strict that he found this new religion to be mysterious. I think that this is mostly why he converted.

  5. I believe Nwoye converted because he was trying to distance himself as far away from his father as he could. Okonkwo killed Ikemfuna who was like a brother to Nwoye and that built up a lot of anger on Nwoyes side that was really never expressed. This was the lowest blow he could dish out to his father.