Friday, November 5, 2010

Finally Finished

Whew!  We've successfully finished reading Things Fall Apart!!  While it may have been a bit dry and the character names hard to pronounce, overall I think the students eventually had a good grasp of the culture and daily life of Okonkwo and his clan.  As the Christian missionaries slowly infiltrated and tribal life deteriorated, more and more of us understood how things were falling apart around Okonkwo and why that ultimately led to his suicide.  I, for one, thought it was a wimpy way for him to die considering his violent tendencies.  A few kids voiced their disappointment that he didn't go down without a fight and others mentioned that perhaps he figured he was going to die anyway, having killed one of the missionaries, so he may as well do it himself.  Good insights.  Now, on to our creative projects!!

I'm thinking paper mache masks...

History and Examples of African Masks

Your thoughts about the novel in general, Okonkwo as a character, his demise and reactions from his clansmen?

Keep those cowries safe!


  1. Im glad that the book is finished but the book was cool to learn about other cultures rather than everyday life. I loved how we actually got to have cowries and earn them throughout the book.

  2. The book was very good. We got to learn new things and earn cowries. The best part was when we made those masks. that was fun.