Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Culture Club

The madness continues.  We're beginning our creative projects based on Africa and Achebe's novel.  Kids are going to start making paper mache masks on Friday and are also working with a partner on another project - should be exciting to see the finished displays.  I often get these fabulous ideas for class at odd times - the 2:19am trek to the kitchen for juice to calm a child; the 11:45pm restlessness stemming from too much Pepsi; the 6:15am lunch-packing ritual; the 4:32am rocking of a sleepless child.  And what is in my head doesn't always work in real life, but the students give it a whirl anyway and I am always impressed by what they create.  And I thank them for jumping on board even when they give me the puzzled expressions of "you want us to do what!?"

TFA Projects

So, keep earning those cowries with blog comments:
  • How's the project coming?
  • What great ideas do you and your partner have?
  • What fabulous websites have you found?
  • What suggestions do you have for a grading rubric and requirements?
  • How can we display these around the school?
  • Are you learning anything !?!

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