Tuesday, September 25, 2012

New Tricks for the Old Trade

We are closer to the end of our novel than to the beginning and that's always a great place for me now that we can step back and do some discussion and analysis.  There is enough of the story in place for kids to really have a grip on characters, plot points, motivations and all that literary stuff.  Today's work focused on figurative language. As kids found examples in given chapters, they posted virtual sticky notes.  Below are the links to those bulletin boards.  I used to have the examples written on construction paper and posted around the room but I found this sticky note program and love it.  It seems to be a good way to have kids be accountable for their work, add a little creativity, and use these gadgets as well.  And with the ability to share their work like this, seems I'm covering all the bases.  So readjusting this old lesson seems to have worked.

World Lit 2                     World Lit 3

It was a pretty productive day.  Readers responded to Tea Cake's disappearance and Janie's patience.  Now we're headed to the Everglades. 


  1. Their Eyes Were Watching God was a pretty good book. The only thing that was a tad annoying was the slang; however, I understand why it was used. My favorite part was when we would have class discussions. It's interesting to hear the different points of view about the story.

  2. Mrs. Phillips is a dece teacher. So glad i didn't take CP. It is enjoyable especially compared to other english classes. The books are alright then we watch the movie.

  3. Their eyes were Watching God was an interesting book and it was different than most that I have read.It was different because it had different lives that she lived with the different men