Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Renewed Inspiration

"I love this book so much. I almost read the rest on my own..."

I overheard this from a senior student yesterday morning.  What a great way to start the class!  It was just what I needed to begin the week.  I can only hope that others are also finding that Hurston's novel is worth reading.  We shall see...


  1. This book has to be the best book I've had to read in class, hands down!

  2. i agree forsure with this. This book is wonderful and i was relly happy with the outcome and the way it was written. Hurston did a great job she made you want to never put the book down. I think this is by far the best book i ever read during a school year. i am very happy with what i read.

    Alexis Safadi

  3. i like this book a lot also. It's a very interesting book and i love the plot.